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Hi, sorry if its here somewhere, i didnt found it.


I m searchin a map/guide that explains and/or show all places where you can have incomes like when you complete the Zero missions, with cash avaible every XX hours.


For the moment i have it at my first house, at Zero store, and a third one that is my point posting here:


I remember i made something with "Mac a dames" in San Fierro and there was income somwhere but i can not find the place back to pick the money.


Thanks for help.


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Some don't generate money until you beat the set of missions fully or an oddjob.

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Couldnt find it with place maps.


I dont even have any idea if that thing is real or not lol






i remember but its not clear at all in my mind i made some missions with prostitutes, and at the end of it it says i could come regulary to pick a money at a place.

Its not the pimp mission.

I cant remember if this is just me being confused and mixing First Jizzy mission/pimp R3 mission and Zero missions(where you have that kind of incomes at the end), or if it was a real thing.


If its not a product of my imagination please can someone tell me wich mission it was, and where is that place where i can get incomes from prostitutes?


Thank you

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