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Alley oop


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tried about 200 times.

I m landing on side each time or rarely i land on 2 wheels and hop again.

i read the school faq, gonna try very edge of wheels but still i have some questions.



Alley Oop

Hit the ramp as seen in the movie. As soon as you're in mid-air, let go of UP and hold down LEFT or RIGHT -depending on where you hit the ramp- to spin around quick enough. After a few tries this should be a piece of cake.


sorry my english is not that good, "let go of up" means u stop pressin acceleration key ? then you turn wheels to the right/left?

the keys to turn wheels or the key you use to look right/left, or the key you use to bump right/left suspension ? wich of those?


other questions:

-once in the air, do you need to use those keys to lower or raise nose of the car or other? does it really change something or is it possible without using it? (meaning when you are in the air, you leave keyboard alone, except to brake at landing)


-i understood you have to be perfectly straight in front of ramp, with wheels on edge of the ramp, but do you align during acceleration or do you need to align at the very begining to not lose speed at all when your accelerating ?

its very hard to align from start and keep it straight to jump, so each time i have to compensate until i m on the ramp.

Does it makes you lose speed when you 'turn' a bit during whole acceleration 'process' ?

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ahh, got better, i wasnt turning wheels when i was in the air.

I got far better result if i turn the wheels in the spin direction.


Still trying, lol only silver and its last medals i need golden.




ok should be fine in some jumps i hope.

Now at least i can 'feel' the jump.

if you dont turn wheels left/right in the air, i doubt its possible to have gold.

Using lower/raise nose can be usefull to correct real false inclinaison of car but doesnt look mandatory for all jumps.


i should be able to do it now. any way thnks for readin smile.gif

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no one cares probably but I GOT IT.

after 20 jumps or so, using the good way.


Was kinda bored lol

thanks CygnusX for your advises in faq



gonna look how is the third car that waits me in the parking smile.gif


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Glad you got it but why the triple post? Try the edit next time. It saves space and looks better. Thx. smile.gif

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