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[SNP]intensive care


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misson:intensive care





notes:i have completed the casino missons and waiying for the key card i have dated with millie but i dont no where to take her theres no icon of a bar which she likes and i took her to a burger shot she dint like it ,guys plz help me say which place she likes and plz do complet intensive care. Thnx...............

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You can juist wear the gimp suit and show at her house. That way you don't have to take her out and waste all those time. Check this guide out for more info.


Doing intensive care.



- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


For: sarma

Missions : Intensive Care

Helper: ajkhan316'

Link : Here

Status : Complete

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just kill her rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif



















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