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my car isn't work, help


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Hey, got your PM. I don't really mess with the vehicles yet confused.gif


it looks like the name of your hierarchy is Bullet. Is this supposed to be like this? Or is it supposed to be the cart?

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Yeah, me too >_>


If I think of something I'll certainly let you know, meantime, what jerz said.


More of a modeler really, SA setup is such a song and dance i cbf with most of it. Then again, next to the modeling it's virtually automagical heheh. If you elaborate as to what actually doesn't work in the model or game or whatever it might be a little easier to troubleshoot.



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Suction Testicle Man
Something very simple but easily ignored!

No COL in your vehicle. That why it crash!

What he said. Ever thought of importing a stock SA car to compare? rolleyes.gif



If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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