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GTA:SA doesn't run after installed a few car mods


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Guys...I need help!


After I installed some cars into the game... the game doesn't run any more. This happened twice already.


I tried both manual install w/ IMGTool and GGMM.... and its still the same. I do not know which car i install that causes it. I also tried replace the gta3.img file and still doesn't work.


I guess I have to install the game agian and the cars one by one to find out.



Pls help

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Maybe not...If you correctly inserted the cars, the .img may not be the problem. First thing I would suggest to troubleshoot is the "Handling.cfg". Replace your new one with your back up original. If the game loads, then you most likely have a mod with incorrect flags in the file. Compare the 2 files, origainal and new, looking at the "flags" (groups of numbers towards the end of the line) for the modded cars. Try replacing the flag numbers with the original numbers, reload the modded file, and try loading the game...

Troublshooting is such a pain... angry.gifbiggrin.gif




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