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[DOWNLOAD|SA] Vehicle Backups


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There have been a lot of requests lately for backups of cars for san andreas. So I have uploaded every original SA car to gta garage. There is also the handling, car colours ect.


So if anyone else askes just direct them here!


The Big Vehicle Backup


And i'll upload the default vehicle .col files later.

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YES!!! Finally, someone (thank you knife) has uploaded the original SanAn cars. I want to convert them all to VC before I get SA. I've been asking around for conversions, but it looks like I'll get to do it myself smile.gif

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< wait, is uploading the whole of liberty city for vice city legal? >


R* must have seen GTA: LC and they didn't mind so...

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<!-- wait... is this legal? -->

Well yeah its fine, it only really goes into the illegal territory when your dealing with the .exe

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As far as I know with SanAn, all the cars have a set of generic textures stored in one .txd somewhere...where is this? Can it be uploaded, if it hasen't already?

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