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Ok, so a Cabbie flips over on the Julius Thruway. Which of course, sets up a huge pile-up, and a lot of cars blow-up. Now, this rich Hispanic woman (the one in the red dress) manages to get away from her Feltzer before it blows up. So half the cars there are destroyed, more cars are piling up, she's running around getting knocked over. I see somebody has left a red BF-400 (the one with the two headlights) on the road. So, I get on it. Then I get off when I see this woman again. So I right-click and her health is in the red. I'm thinking, "Poor gal, wish I could give her a lift" Then suddenly, she wanders around my motorbike, like she's about to steal it, AND SHE DOES! She knocks me off and drives off, of course getting stuck in traffic. I have the game minimised. It's cute, too, the bike matches her dress biggrin.gif


I just thought that was nifty. I've never had a ped jack me before, besides the criminals. I think a cop did once though.


Anyway, long post over.


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Yes, the game is 'cute'. I hate it when your rolling with your own homies and they jack you, you start to think 'woah, wtf I was rolling with you brother'.



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