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Audio Locking up


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I just started playing GTA Vice City and found the game freezes whenever I get in a car for the first time.


I have the updated drivers for my audio card (and video card) and my system is more than powerful enough to handle the game. I've already talked to Rockstar North about this and they had no ideas!


I've lowered the audio to BASIC in my dxdiag, I've lowered the volume in the game controls.

LIke I said, I have the newest, most updated drivers.


but whenever I get in a car, the game freezes for a good 10-15 seconds and proceeds as normal.


I haven't found ANYONE else reporting a problem like this!!


Can ANYONE help???



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It might help if you posted all the info requested in the pinned topic...




I doubt I can help you (I play on PS2) but others might need this info-- I wish you luck in solving this.


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other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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1) PC

2) What version number of GTAVC? I don't know. I just bought it if that helps.

3) INtel 4 CPU 1.6 ghz

4) How much RAM? 512

5) What video card? Radeon 9600 (most updated drivers)

6) Which version of Windows? XP

7) DirectX version? 9.0

8) What sound card? Avance AC'97

9) Any mods installed, NO mods, no mp3's. JUST got and installed

10) (PC ONLY) Have you tried deleting your settings file? no? just installed it. shouldn't have to delete anything.... haven't even PLAYED it yet

11) History: Is this your first install? I've uninstalled and reinstalled once now, no effect

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Unless a person has modded their game, a reinstall will not do anything unless you also delete the settings file. I would agree with you that somebody shouldn't have to, but if you were adhering to that logic, you wouldn't have reinstalled fresh either, eh?


Uninstall the game and delete the settings file. Now install the game and be sure to install the audio to your hard drive as well.

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Ok, I tried that. Didn't help.


This is what it's doing (I've isolated it!)


It's locking up on EACH radio station ONCE a day. Meaning, if I load the gamea t 9 AM, it then locks up the first time I hit EACH station and then it's fine after. Even if I boot up the game 10 times in a day.


I've found I don't have to PLAY the game to do it. It locks up in the Audio Settings where you can scroll through the stations.


I had computer issues and formatted my hard drive and then installed it.

Updated drivers, fresh install.

NEW settings file. Same issue.


I've talked to Rockstar now 5 times and they're McBaffled!!

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