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This whole thing is a spoiler .. make sure you have finished the games or atleast have done all of the Airstrip missions


Im requesting who ever could .. try and do this and snap a picture the how to is here.. GREENGOO.. ok.. you should know the mission before is the one with the Area 69 stealing the Jetpack .. i saved my game up to this mission so I could explore.. nothing big just white lazers we've all seen .. all i found was that Truth goes on the radio Station after Green Goo to report he has an Alien Egg.. so i was curious on how it looks and re did the mission to snap a picture..

when doing this mission .. YOU CANNOT enter a vehicle ..pretty mutch not being able to take the camera out.. but can take off the Jetpack by goin to the crane in Las Ventures .. now this is where i screwed the attempt .. i took the jetpack off and tryed to run to the train... mission failed when the train ended up in San Fierro..so what i did was i had a plan .. i thought .. hay .. maybe if i kill all the people and shoot the crates and just wait on the train till the mission ends i could take the jetpack off and snap a picture .. what happened was.. the mission kept going after it reached SanFierro.. so my plan witch most likely work .. but i screwed up in los santos because i grabbed the green goo is.. once the train reaches the last stop in Los Santos fly to the crane in Las Venturas take the jetpack off and when the train comes simply hop on < train goes at an average steady pace and snap a picture.. i lost most of my patience and i will try it maybe in 2 days if nobody else tries.. let me know the results post your findings and pictures..



---special thanks to gamefarter for finding the jetpack crane trick ..


not ONE person responded


mad.gifsneaky2.gifconfused.gif i guess you people dont care .. so there fore --- mods can delete this thread.. no ones replying... im gonna snap a photo today .. and you people aint worth sharing a photo with... if you want you can go through the steps your self and snap your own picture

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I could help but i've gone past that mission i'm at Saint Marks Bistro so if you want any pics from there give me a PM

I thought i'd reply cause u look so pissed cause no one has Replied smile.gif

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OK i will try sometime today will just use my AR MAX to go back to that mission. I will send in the photo in a couple of days!

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Just thought I'd mention that Xander_guy followed these instructions and got a pic of the goo which he posted in a General Discussion thread. Since I gave him the URL of this thread over there, I figured I'd close the loop and do the opposite here.


Here's a quote of his post with the picture:



Alright, I have a picture now...


user posted image


I accidentally hit circle instead of L1... Immediately upon doing so the game froze, I took a screenshot of what I have frozen on the screen though. I'm not sure if you can take a picture of it using L1. I don't really care, I was just bored and I don't think getting a picture of this is worth it, even though it does make cool looking green light patterns...

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im gonna take a more closer picture in about 5 minutes because ive been buisy .. at least someone tried it and got something .. but i want to take one of it closer up

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