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Ipod locked


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I have afirends IPOD at my house, and i put a few songs on it for him. I used ephpod since it worked before. It crashed, and when it started up, it said the ipod had been locked and i needed to close itunes to unlock it- i dont even have itunes installed. I installed itunes, and it said to restore to factory default, but I don't want to loos all of his music. How can i unlock it?


Edit: Using windows explorer, i can browse the ipod and see that there is still songs there. When i browse w/ the ipod, i see no songs at all. is this because its locked?

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If you can see the files through Windows explorer, why don't you back up the music on your system, then restore factory settings, and move back the music?
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It's An IPOD Mini.

I somehow fixed it. I installed ephpod on another computer, and connected the ipod. It was unlocked, so i added a song and saved the changes. Saving the changes did something, because now it works and plays sings fine.


Thanks for your help anyways. I did not think of just copying the songs, thats a good idea smile.gif

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