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realistic weapon damage


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ok this is simple like in flashpoint[any reliese] its simple thing is is posible to make player gett killed after 2 shots 3 max ,and 10 with armour.i think this will be cool and it will kick azz.so can someone help me to/make this mod.it shouldnt involve much og a work anyway

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it first of all wouldnt kick ass and second of all wouldnt be realistic, its not like a hit on the foot would change anything, it would hurt a little and would make it harder to walk, but such things cant be implented, same goes for the vest, you can get atleast 12 rounds of the proper caliber to your chest without any penetration, but your rips might already be broken on the first hit and make it impossible to move, but you could aswell not wear a vest and be shot, then the bullet could pass tru (if its on the side of the body) with breaking max. of one rip, while the vest, as already said, would have broken all.

you can also get shot in the head and might survive this.

Also is there a difference in power looking at the calibers, especially with the pistol rounds compared to rifle rounds, while first ones have a bigger stopping power, last ones penetrate better.

You also cant achieve realism with things like that when you dont even know which kind of ammo is used, there is JHP, which will make big holes, aswell as FMJ which will rather make deep holes.

Then there are the cars, you want them to explode in ONE hit with a pistol ?, nah,I dont think that you want something like this ,ok, you could change the hitpoints of the cars aswell, but you also dont want moving tanks, do you ? and how should the game be possible if there is a shootout where you are outnumbered, like in gang-terretory takeovers ...

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51L3N7 4554551N
oK so can someone make this,


Silent Viper:

huh bored.gif

If you were to listen to Vipers valuable point, then you would realise what he just said. It wouldn't kick ass (or azz as you like to put it) and it wouldn't be more realistic. If you were shot, you would die. You and many others would be kicking and screaming if one shot killed you, if you were lucky 2 or 3. It would be too hard, so I doubt anyone would want to confused.gif


And I see you haven't bothered to use that translator I sent you rolleyes.gif

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what what do you mean it would just mean chanig the max player health to a smaller hp points



51L3N7 4554551N:

i did try to use that translator but it was that bad that my [anti]spelling was better

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