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I Want to create my own server but everytime i try to join game... i can't... maybe i'm doing something wrong confused.gif :


1 - i got to vanilla.ini AdminPassword = "invalid" to AdminPassword = "maypassword" (example) and save...


2 - i go to vcmp launcher and make start server.. it apperars the following message : "-- VC-MP Server Started. Port: 5192 Max players: 16"


3 - I Go to ipchicken and copy my ip to vcmp launcher and put 5192 as port..


4 - launch game... but it just stands in "connecting to...."


(yes, my firewall is truned off)


What can i do cryani.gif ?

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thanks man, now i can join, btw anyone know where can i find ini files like Vanilla KFC? cause i only find to version 0.1b

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Theres a post with a collection of .Ini server files you could take all the skin coords and vehicle coords and put them in your own .ini but im not sure if the Vanilla KFC one is there...

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