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NOE and Bike School help


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Hi ewerywhere,

as I said before,I will need help again,and that's

it...ajkhan316 genearously helped me about flying and driving school biggrin.gif ,but there is N.O.E now, of course confused.gif , and bike (motorcycle)

school...Can anybody help? As before,no mather of stats,or anything,I just wish to get rid of these two,and progress further through this GREAT game.Thanx in advance...



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For: apple77

Missions : Bike School, N.O.E

Helper: ajkhan316'

Link : Here

Status : Complete



- upgraded your flight school to all gold. I can't believe I didn't get you all gold first time round cool.gif

- all gold at bike school

Edited by ajkhan316`
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The bike school is a side mission which is not neccessary for the story but is for 100% and for N.O.E just take off and go over the sea round the west of SA. Theres a topic on it a bit further down the page. Search next time.



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Thank you all,very much... turn.gif


Especially to you ajkhan,you are The Best...and I'll try to read all the posts carefully next time,promise (even if that means I'll return for help again... wink.gif


greetz 4 all ganstas from apple77

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