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Michael Park 1966-2005.


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Today, Michael Park Markko Martins co-driver, was killed in a crash during the rally of Great Britain.. Markko walked away unhurt, but the loss of his best friend threatens his future within motorsports.. Sad to see you go Michael, Rest in peace!


Michael Park 1966-2005
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I was talking about this in another forum I post on. Its a terrible loss and really brings home the danger of motorsport. I can only wish Michael's family my best wishes and my condolences for their loss. May Michael Park rest in piece and hope that he passed away doing what he enjoys ... rallying sad.gif
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Rest In Peace sad.gif


It is a great loss to motorsport, but just shows the great danger the drivers and co-drivers take.

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Rest in Peace.

This shows that safety is never up-to-date.

You can never have 100% safety. The fact that they didn't both die is a testament to excellent safety.


Crashing any car at 80+mph into a stationary object is going to casue some seriuous injury and is more likely to casue death.


An old aqauintance of mine went thought the death of his father who died in a rallying accident and there, both driver and co-driver died. His father was the co-driver and it was a very similar accident. News about it here


We cant sit here and shun the safety of the sport. The competitors drive for the love, the thrill and the safety risk is what makes the sport what it is. Rallying ig the greatest driving feat and not just anyone can climb into a car and set off down a dirt track at blinding speed.


We should sit here and salut Michael Park and fellow competitors for their spirit, their bravery and their contribution for their own and spectators thrill and satisfction.


It's a sad loss but such is life and this is what it's all about. It really shows you how dangerous any sport can be.

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Rest In Piece Michael "Beef" Park, You was the best! :´(

I really hope that Markko Märtin will get over of it and maby even participate in WRC again.

If You want to say nice words to Michael and his family go here

Estonian people had mourning drive yesterday and we want to change "Sõpruse bridge" in Estonia, Tartu To "Michael Park's bridge", because in EOS Rally Markko and Michael drove trough it.

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Taste Of Chaos

its a real shame to see you go like this micheal, may you rest in peace, i send my greatest condolences to his family and freinds, and especially marko martin, im not saying that marko martin is in the bad, but if i'd crashed my rally car into a tree and killed my best freind, i'd kill myself, but thats just me,


r.i.p micheal park

Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime, temptation will lean on the doorbell.
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