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firstly i want to do this mission, so im not asking for SNP help. I start this mission and cj gets on the bike. I accelerate whilst leaning forward as you do but by the time i reach the hanger the hydra lives in (or maybe even the one before) the planes already taking off. in a couple of other missions (torenos last flight for example) the target goes too fast. ive played these missions on PS2 and they were easy-ish. but on my pc version the vehicles go about twice as fast. is there a way past this coz its making the game unplayable?


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Well you could reduce your resolution and draw distance and then try to do the mission. I usually pass this mission at 640 16 bit resolution and draw distance at zero.

- FiJiAn 4 LiFe


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I found the best way to do that mission was to not worry about the people shooting at you at the begining of the mission just drive straight by them and get on the left hand side of the plane. Keep accelerating but watch out for the barrels then just go up the ramp after a set of barrels has come out.

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@YeTi. Its nothing to do with that. by the time ive passed the people, the planers already at the end of the runway. i get the take off cutscene before i pass the Hydra''s hanger. ill try the tips tho.




All your ideas did nothing except make the game look crappy. In the end i had the idea of doubling the PCJ's speed +acceleration and slicing the Andromeda's speed + acceleration in half. That worked.


Mission completed


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