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not sure about htis one..


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Firstly, I didn't know where the hell to put this, pc chat seemed the best place. Anywho


probably about a week ago my computer started randomly shutting down, well not shutting down, but it would be running fine one second, then all of a sudden the monitor would go in standby, and the tower would freeze up, not even responding to the on/off button (power had to be manually shut of to restart), it was doing this fairly regularly, and when the comp was turned on it would only be up for around 5-10 mins before going crazy on me. So I turned it on, ran the avg anti virus scan and found a Trojan in the "gta3 atomic mod", remember? the one that makes those big ol' explosions, anywho, it said there was a Trojan in the zip file, and the installed file, and no where else, so I’m not sure, I downloaded this particular patch like 2 or so years ago, (whenever it very first came out), and it is also on another of my computers without causing any trouble, also, those where the ONLY TWO files to have the Trojan of the other 86k files on my comp, either they got infected.......some how or there is a savage Trojan hiding in all the gta3 atomic mod files. Has anyone else had these troubles? was the a big hoo hah in the past about this that I missed?




*also if this post is a little fragmented, I’m sorry, I was thinking of lots of things at once during typing.


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You know you could wait awhile for someone to answer.

Not just ten minutes.


Anyways, it sounds like a power supply problem to me.

Maybe someone else will come along and have more knowledge about this than I.

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