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SmartFTP is retarded.


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Did this work before, or did you just install it?


Try reinstalling anyways, after you uninstall it.

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Try uninstalling and then reinstalling it.

Or check out FileZilla not releated to Mozilla other than the fact both are free and open source

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It worked totally fine before, then my computer got the blue screen of death (I think I overloaded the memory) and I had to unplug it, came back and everything was fine and working - minus SmartFTP.

When you BSOD'ed was SmartFTP running?

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I'm still writing my own review of major FTP clients but SmartFTP and Internet Explorer are looking like the best tools out there. IE6 has fantasticly simple usability with support to drag-drop files or folders into or onto folders. It queues up files if you drop them in it while it uploads, which is great, but it causes an unbelievable amount of desktop clutter.


SmartFTP is much neater but is fiddly to do anything with, from setting up FTP accounts to choosing preferences and a lot of stuff doesn't work correctly, such as the sorting options for the remote view and some of the preset message box resposes aren't used. However, being able to right-click a file and copy the equivalent HTTP URL directly to the clipboard is a really useful feature.


As for your problem here, a re-install seems like the most sensible option. I guess some settings got corrupted somewhere, which means either SmartFTP can't figure out it's own settings or it can't remember where to look to find the system settings.

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