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Mp3 player?


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Upload mp3's to My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks

then in gta go under options and under sound settings and there should be an update kinda thing to pick up those files.

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mate do you know what im thinking? ratha than try and have sum sorta mp3 player be playing music in the background, what would be cooler and maybe more retro, being the 90's as the game is set in, would be that you could maybe have sum sorta boombox instead?


to be able to use and make your boombox accessed ingame is that when you access your boombox from your weapon hud and then when selecting it, by pressing the attack button it turns the boombox on, you can change radio stations via the shoulder buttons on your pc pad, even play your mp3's as well, and then be able to run sprint and jump with your boombox equipped. with your boombox equipped cj will be animated to have himself carry it onto his shoulder and be able to walk around in it.


plus you can access any options of adjusting volume and sound fx n so on by holding down the attack button to pull up the menu to tweak whateva setting to your liking.

and if you wanna quit boombox mode just tap attack button to turn off your boombox and acces your weapons you see fit. simple eh? smile.gif


would you take up the challenge of making a boombox that has sound coming out of it and then change radio stations from it as well? go on, make us a boombox homie smile.gif

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