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Brown Streak Railroad™

"go for the brown"


Infomation For You


The trains you see on the tracks only look as if they drive on the rails, much like in real life. But realy they are not. If you are familar of the term sprite then i will let you know that the trains are not sprites as such, but are net graphics that move over the rails on a invisible track that the net graphics follow. This is so that if a viecle of such weight get's in the way of a train it will not affect the train but will cause a glich to the veicle in question.


Gliches from trains impacting with viecles are:


* cars driving through the train as if the train was invisible


* cars lauching high into the sky, spinning and eventualy disappearing


* instant explotion to the veicle



With great research I have learnt that their are 2 circuits for the invisible track which lie apon the solid tracks. The first circuit is the circuit which at random times during roam gamplay will sprite a train on it. to see a train sprite onto a circuit go to a station and stand beside the track with a sniper rifle and zoom down the track and if the train is going the direction against the turret of the gun, you will see the train sprite after about 24 seconds.


The second circuit is the circuit used only on 2 missions in the game:

1.Wrong Side Of The Tracks

2.Snail Trail


the invisible track starts at Unity station on the southen side rail and follows the rail all the way to Cranberry Station and then makes a diect cut to the rail brige joining Las Venturus and The Bad Lands.it then follows the easten side rail witch then follows back to Unity Station. The glich is the direct cut. To see the glich do mission Snail Trail and when you follow the passenger train close behind, a train will drive in the opposite diection, so quickly turn around and follow it, it will head toward cranberry, and as it drives past the station it makes a 90 degree turn and drives through mid air.


Asked questions:


Why don't I see trains on the outer rail of SA?

Do trains drive into the rail yards?

Do Trains park at Unity Station?

can you derail trains?

Can trains drive down the rail east of Unity station?


Please answer these questions, and send me questions of your own!






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I'm not sure why this is relevant or necessary but ok....


During "snail trail" the train comes off the tracks and goes through hills and walls to get to Los Santos from San Fierro. There's a video of it around... Kingjad rehosted it if you want to PM him for it.

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Can you derail trains?

no, you ca'nt if you are not driving it. you can if you are driving it and go too fast.


do trains park at unity station/rail yards/the rail east of Unity station?

no, they don't.


Why don't I see trains on the outer rail of SA?

i have no clue what you are talking about.

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Dodge Boy City
Why don't I see trains on the outer rail of SA?

i have no clue what you are talking about.

I think he means the right hand track. Obviously there are 2 train tracks, but to be honest i thought trains used both tracks... dontgetit.gif


Also, what about the quarry mission where you had to clear the line of explosive barrels? Is that a second circuit? The train there certainly seems to go MUCH quicker than any on the "first circuit" as you call it. smile.gif

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