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windows xp rebooting


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this has happened to me 3 times since playing san andreas over a span of time exiting the game , its annoying .


has anyone else had this problem ?



closing san andreas reboots windows .






its not my computer or my memory , i know friends this happens to also .



xp sevice pack 2 , direct x9c , p4 ht 3 ghz , 1 gig memory pc133 , gforce 5200 8x agp

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A simple upgrade or roll back of your video card drivers could do the trick. Your computer seems exceptionally good, so I don't know why it would be doing this, but I think this would be your problem. If this dosen't help, I think the best idea would be to Alt Tab when you're finished with the game, and right click and press close on San Andreas, I know It's not properly exiting it, but It's still something that should work to get out of it.


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