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just another thug

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just another thug
Whenever firefox needs to show windows media it just tells me to download the pluglin. So I click on it and then it says manual install. So I manual install and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?
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Try to reinstall Firefox I guess. I have never heard about this problem with Firefox before.


Make sure you have the latest version, 1.4 I think it's now.

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I have this same problem except with Quicktime. I just gave up on it after a while.
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2 things

First in the address bar type; about:plugins and you should get a list of plugins that are installed and what they are supporting.


If that doesn't help to confirm that it should be work, read this:




As for QuickTime; make sure you've installed it correctly.

Then go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins and look for DLL files that start with npqtplugin, if you have QT7 installed there should be 7 files 2-7 and one without a number. There should also be 2 other files, a .XPT and .CLASS. The XPT start off with nsIQT, and the CLASS should be obvious because it say QuickTime in the file name.


If not, got to C:\Program Files\QuickTime\Plugins and COPY all of the files (the DLLs and the .XPT and .CLASS) from there and paste them in the Firefox plugins folder.

Make sure FF is NOT running when you do this, check the taskmanger just to be sure.

Start up FF and see if it worked.



Windows Media Player is handled by the file: npdsplay.dll found in the FF plugins folder.

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