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Fifa 06


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Dunno whos aware but in Fridays issue of The Sun a free voucher for a Ps2/Xbox demo of the latest installment of Fifa is on it. A few points from what ive played.


>Not really any new skill moves or celebrations, although their is a few where you can hold up the play which are gonna be a must have in all future installments.


>The grapchis arent amazingly better but then again who'd expect that they would be, as already mentioned some celebrations are from 05 and it gets tedious in your first game when you see the same stuff you've been seeing for the past year.


>Still no arrows on the free kicks and the penaltys have changed slighty, the keeper now moves/sidesteps before the penalty is taken, depending on how you look at it that has it's good and bad points.


> The player movement does seem a lot more fluid, not exactly like ISS/Pro Evo but it's a step closer and for the better.


And for those of you that are gonna come in here and brag about the new ISS or some other new football game you've never played I refer you to:




I didnt stick it in because I chose to, not because I cant.

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