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[SnP] flying school


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its a shame but i cant seem to do the "advanced" lessons with my keyboard in the requiered time,


i'm always just over, even to get bronze. mad.gif


i'm not asking for gold but could some1 please finish flying school for me i also might come bach for the rc plane missions in san fiero.


the FILE


can you tell me if you guys use joypads or joysticks maybe?


or am i just crap tounge2.gif

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For: Big_C

Mission(s): Learning To Fly

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




COMPLETED wink.gif





I use a mixture of GamePad and Keyboard.

All Gold's.

We aim to please biggrin.gif

The DX1 Input System @ $149.95 is way OVER the Top !, you don't need it man save your money wink.gif

There's not too many Flying Mission left ...

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damn man you are one of the most helpfull people ive come across on the web colgate.gif

you must really love this game to go through all of this over and over again.


i'm thinking of buying this, looks kinda cool.

but i'm not sure how many flying missions there are left.....

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ooooooh i love the rewards are they all mine... biggrin.gif

















They sure are smile.gif Locked

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