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How do I recruit my gang members on 'RIOT.'


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Hey people,

please can u help me.

As u no ive got quite far :-) hehe, and im on this mission 'RIOT' at the mo and Im having trouble knowing how to recruit the Grove Familie Members.

Ive been pressing every button but nothing still not happening.

Please help me!




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it stil not doing it. to target them do u right click n then press g as thts wot im doin but nuffink appening :-(


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Maybe you changed the Default keys if you're on PC ... goto "Options/Controller Setup/Redfine Controls/Foot Controls/Aim Weapon & Group Ctrl Forward/Back



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Right click and aim the gun at them. A green arrow will appear above their head. Once you see the green arrow, press 'G' and a box should pop up in the top right corner showing an increase in gang strength. They are now recruited.

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