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To GTA moviemakers


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I can't make my own movie coz i have no disk space to capture it by fraps nor any editing program


But a VERY San Andreas fitting song is


Black Eyed Peas - The Apl song


For thoose who don't know the song, here is a part of the lyrics



Yo, its been a while but...

I been back home to my homeland, (check it out) to see what'sgoing on

Man it feels good to be back at home

And it's been a decade, on the journey all alone

I was fourteen when I first left Philippines

I've been away half my life, but it felt like a day

To be next to my mom with her home cooked meal

Meant I felt complete, my emotions I feel!

Now life has changed for me in the U.S

But back at home man, life was a mess...

I guess sometimes life's stresses gets you down

On your knees, oh brother I wish I could have helped youout...


Can be good to make a movie with this as a background ^^

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original gangster

didn't require making a whole topic on it. You could of posted this in ''san andreas theatre'' smile.gif

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