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thank you kyeman


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first off id like to appologise for postin this here

its probly in the wrong place but this is where i have always come to for info about vc/lc-mp and im sure many others do


well id just like to thank kyeman for all the work he has put into the gta:mp mods and i wish ya all the best in yer new job cool.gif


its a shame vc/lc-mp is'nt as well known as it deserves cos yall deserve more recognition than what yer gettin

but i just wanted all of the team to know how much all of your work is appreciated


i love vc-mp and lc-mp and whatever the new sa-mp will be called im sure ill love that too


good work guys

and thanx for inriching mine and many other peoples lives with this awsome series of mods


ill say it again

thank you

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yeah, it is truly amazing that kyeman has built a mod that's far superior to MTA (in terms of sync) pretty much by himself and in a small fraction of the time. i was expecting something similar to GTAT when i first heard of this, but when i beta-tested it i was blown away!


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What can I say?

It's all been said in that first post, and all I can do is wish you good luck with your new job and anything else you continue to develop (as coding just isn't something you can totally give up on biggrin.gif ).

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boff is rite kyeman u did extreme nice work as i now i and whole the world playing 1 of ur mods will thank u 4 everything u did tounge.gif


sign-yee.gif kick the mods sign-yee.gif kick the mods tounge.gifrah.gif

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