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Help modelling Cj Cop outfit.


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I want to edit the cop outfit of cj, add more things to his belt like tenpenny and the other cops have.


but my guestion is: i import the policetr.dff with kam's importer.

the file has 3 clumps but how do you import the whole clumps file and not only one clump(Ripped).


i want to import Ripped, Fat, Normal. in one.


how do you do that?




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Import clump 1, then import clump 2, then import clump 3. Unless I missed something?



no he only picks the muscled one on al 3 import clumbs

and no normal and fat cj.




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Hey again man, you got PM, again wink.gif


Check out the player modeling discussion and lemme know if there's even anything useful in there for you.


Keep you updated if anything becomes relevant... rampage_ani.gif

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yes, please keep the player modeling topic alive, I'm personally very interested in it's development.

This would be a great topic to add to it!

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