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I knew it.


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there were no indications from the devs that it would be DM either

But there was an indication that it wasnt going to Deathmatch, as there would be no dedicated server in the Co-Op system, making it impossible


Kyeman then said the source would have been released in the future, meaning someone could modify and make a DM out of it if they wanted to.



i realize they changed the name of the mod, but why?


Simple... because it will not be SA-MP anymore...


Kyeman.. t3h leader biggrin.gif .. left and left all the code behind him


This will now be built upon in what I assume will be a different 'style' (I know.. I dont have any better words..)


It also will be "DM-ish" as Spooky said in IRC yesterday, while SA-MP, as all you complainers know, was gonna be Co-Op missions



I suppose you could put it as:


San Andreas is Half Life

SA-MP is Half Life: Source

and finally,

GTA Multiplayer is Counter Strike, a different style of game from the other 2




Now.. this forum is about VC-MP, not GTA Multiplayer rolleyes.gif

how the hell is SA-MP HL:Source if it wasn't even completed ? confused.gif

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read my second post again and maybe you'll see the point.

Drop it. Who cares. I hate arguing now.

i didn't mean that as an insult, i seriously think you missed my point. sigh.gif

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how the hell is SA-MP HL:Source if it wasn't even completed ? confused.gif

Your an idiot, it was just a way to put it


SA is the original mission bassed game, SA-MP was an updated version giving it misions in multiplayer




Also because HL Source is useless.... tounge2.gif

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damnit, i just found out about this today, i was looking foward to the mod, either way though, its all good, just so long as i can play san andreas multiplayer (no not SA-MP lol).


I hope all that time, and coding didnt go to waste. Good luck peoples

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