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Some sort of server connection problems?


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Well like all of you I dig videogames. I usually play on my console, but I like to have a few playful games of starcraft or counterstrike when I'm bored. However, lately, when I load up the server list on either of these games, only a small amount of games show up, and the ones that do are not playable (on starcraft they are full , or the game name can not be found, and on counterstrike, only about three different games load up, and they are password protected. Or, an error happens when I try and load the game).


What could possibly be the the problem? I've tried turning off my firewall to do it, but that didn't seem to do anything. I've trie reinstalling, and got nothing. Is their any sort of ports I should open, or something I should shut off?


Help if you can! My sparetime thanks you in advance.


I'm using windows XP pro on this computer. My internet connection is some sort satellite fix up. If you need better info, just give me a prod.

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You probably need to update Counter Strike. Go to> Steam Menu > Play Games > Right-Click Counter Strike> Properties, look at "Status" and "Amount Required". If amount aquired is not at a 100% wait for it to update.


Are you on some kind of router? (A Linksys router etc.?)


For Starcraft I have no idea.


EDIT: My CS idea only counts if you have Steam confused.gif

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