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anyone here good at programming?

GTA san

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i guess it wouldnt be impossible. i think spookie released his speedo code for SA, yes? While better than previous GTA's, the alpha in SA still sucks.


just out of curiosty, you seem to know atleast a little bit about directx, and i have no idea where that screenshot is from, what exactly is your skill level in these things? typically the people talking about DX hacks ARE programmers tounge.gif

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what if you can override various Direct3D rendering calls

and make a hack like this


so what about that?

testing looks better BTW

ashdexx: Spooky never released his SA speedo code.


GTA san: You might want to check out Hammer83's proxy-hook (based off Spooky's dx8 hook, converted to dx9 for SA compatibility).

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