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I am requesting a Lockpick Mod where in the burglary missions, most, but not all, will be locked. There will be a red marker in front of the door, and then a lockpicking minigame will occur. You will get 2 options: Pick Lock or Break Lock. You can only break the lock if you have a knife. There are 4 types of locks:


-Keycard (Keycard swipecard lock)

-Electronic (A number pad with 0-9 digits)

-Combination Lock (A round lock with 0-59 digits)

-Regular Lock (Hit random keys to figure out what pins to release the lock)


The swipecard lock is hard to hack. You have to create a false keycard or break it. To create a keycard, start the minigame, and choose "Pick Lock". It will bring up a keycard and you will have to choose digits 0-9 and there are 11 digits on these keycards. (Format: 000-00000-0000) This probably isn't how it is in real life, but that's the way I'll do it.


An electronic lock is easy. Just guess digits 0-7 till you get it.


A combination lock is very hard (the hardest). You have to just guess or break it. There are 60 digits 0-59 and you must choose 4 numbers then see if it's right.


A regular lock is fun and easy. You just have to hit random buttons in the correct order. It changes everytime you quit a burgulary mission. (One might be GABM4UE5 or something). Or, alternatively, find the key. It will be somewhere on or very close to the house, like the backyard or roof.


Helping you through hard ones is a note also very close to the house. Pick it up, and it will give you clues for the lock to made them easier.


I know it might be stupid or hard, but I really want this to go through! I'll even settle for two or three locks. Or, just walk me through it and I'll do it myself. Some people might not see much a point to it, but, honestly, who leaves their doors unlocked at night in a crime-filled city?





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sounds like a cool idea.

should make lock picking be used at rich places,


dunno about the other type of locks tho. i wouldnt know how 2 mod mate i hope sum1 makes this 4 u.

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