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I'm Seriously Stuck PLEASE HELP !


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i am stuck on "Supply Lines...." please help, what did you do and is there any tips. is there any cheats that wil help me complete it?

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| 5.6 Zero: Supply Lines |


| SF: Garcia | [8]: <##??***!__> |


This is the 'Red Baron' mission everyone hates. Hey, its not even required,

buddy! You have to shoot 5 targets: 3 vans, a bike and a Sanchez using a RC


-OK, take off and turn about 15 degrees left.

-You'll see a van heading to the right and a bike heading south. Go after the


-Take out the van at the light, then u-turn and go back toward the bike

-Don't try and fly over the building, the plane just can't do it without

burning all its fuel

-Take out the kid on the bike, then turn West (hard right) at the next

intersection and head for Queens/Hashbury

-Look for the van to arrive at an intersection just down the hills. You might

as well just park there.

-Fly back to the park area, then north toward Chinatown. The last two should

be near each other to your East

-Take out the last two. The bike is closer.

-You should have just enough fuel to get up and coast back to Zero's.

[]============================[ R E W A R D S ]=============================[]


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look at the thing at the top that says guides and walkthroughs

Exactly you are write it is cut paste from walkthrough which is in construction by me

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