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New server with scripts :)


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Looks good! I'm looking forward to playing on this server. But, I'd like to know if people can connect to this server with a standard 0.1d client, or is the new flt needed to connect as well as host?
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The flt files goes in *\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\mss\


Be sure to backup your old one first, you'll need it to join public servers again. That is until we get falcons upgrades public. biggrin.gif



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Just a note to save anyone from getting the same problem I did:


If you are going to have falconxt's vc-mp.flt file stored in your /mss folder but renamed, say for use in a .cmd/bat file that renames and replaces the files for you - make sure you rename the file extension to something other than .flt. It seems that having any other file in that folder with the .flt extension will crash vc-mp.

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