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what is that funny guy's name in gta2 radio station?


souns like Dean France lol.gif


But i know i'm wrong.. colgate.gif


anyway, what was his name?

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hes on all 3 areas..i like him. wikipedia says "dean france". i thougt it was with a z, since he represents the zaibatsu.

lol.gif nice thinking

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He's called Dean France, and he hosts Futuro FM, "the hotspot on your dial", which the Zaibatsu use to remotely transmit narcotics from the station Downtown.


"We got the top one hundred comin' up, and a free Futuro FM t-shirt for the first person to call at number 50, the first one to call!"


I mean, WTF?


And Spaz Funbags... I won't go into it. And Tsunami FM - can anyone make out what she is saying?

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