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Signature Question...


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How do you make your signature go in the center? I've searched around, and couldn't find an answer.

Also, if it isn't a bother, could you give me the link to that gridmaker or whatever it's called?

Thanks all.

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<sig code here>[./center]


Remove the full stop, I could of done one of those things, but I am lazy.

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It's a program some guy made for this website...

You can make scoreboards with it?

Oh yeah, and thanks.

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I believe you are talking about The Table Code Generator by Barguast. Read every thing in the first post, and you should get it working as well.


For a table around your signature, you can put :

  Everything else here (Sig)   




And have some thing like mine.


Edit: Might not work for you due to your signature height.



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I logged in here getting ready to cringe but was taken aback by the helpful replies for once. At 7:40am on a saturday morning too. You guys want to stop scaring me.


Thanks fella's. smile.gif

Messiah To The Animals


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