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When can you have a right to an opinion?


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Ok, here's the deal.


Ever heard about how people speak about you behind your back? How they say things about you, but don't tell you the truth? This debate is something to do with stuff like that.


Do people have a right to voice their opinion to some, but refuse to voice it for everyone?



Here's a few points.

  • Someone says something nice about you directly to your face
  • They then tell others the EXACT opposite of what they told you
  • Should you be upset, and do they have a right to do what they just did?

Let's find out shall we?

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I'd say they are allowed to. I mean they told you something, but then you invaded their privacy by hearing them comment to other people. Look at it like that.


Them telling you and then them telling someone else. However, you overhear. Granted they might have wanted you to overhear. But should you really have been listening in on a private conversation? No. You can be upset, but it is unjustified.

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No, I'm not talking about over-hearing. The person they told thought you should know as they suggested that the person who told you and then told them differently is lying to you etc.
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In my experience, it is merely human nature to be duplicitous.


However, the problem is that you are presenting the question to a forum of thousands where the majority are XY.


If you want to know about saying one thing to a person's face and then saying another behind their back - you need to talk to the female of the species.


Male politicians, counsellors and management consultants learn how to do this, but females are socially adept at such activities seemingly from birth.



Confer with the specialists, not the recipients wink.gif



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Just brilliant Spoof. I was under the impression you overheard them. You should hvae said someone told you. I still stand by what I said. They are entitled to their opinion.

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I still stand by what I said. They are entitled to their opinion.

Indeed they are. There is no disagreement to such a statement on my part.


However, sarcastic comments (just as with points of view) need to be expressed clearly if they are to have any form of respectable impact.



The ability to differentiate between serious / constructive contribution and attempted humorous indulgent posting is often a matter to be contemplated by us all.


What would you say if an individual overheard somebody confessing to a murder? In a subsequent conversation that individual may be told there was nothing of interest to note.


Heard one thing, told another.


Would things still be as black and white, given the context?


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As humans we have the ability to think and make decisions before we act better than any other living thing on the planet. Some animals act strictly on instinct.


So Humans have the ABILITY to say whatever they want. Technically, because we can reason before we act we should be one of the most respectful species on the planet. Unfortunatley, we are not. We say things that are not true. We do not have the Liar, Liar birthday wish against us that keeps us from lying. Some of us chose to lie more than others, it's just the way it is.


So do we have that right as humans? Generally, yes.


But I think in certain situations that right should be discouraged and that's the battle we fight today, everyday.


But, appreciate the people who do not hurt others through lies. They are the most respect ful people. smile.gif (very rare to find, however)

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