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Eneneering School


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Well im starting to look at colleges to go to but I want to go to one that is good in Engeneering(spelling?). So if anyone has any ideas of a school in any where from Deleware up to Maine would be nice.


(figured that people that know alot about vehicles would probably know some good schools to)

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If you're looking to go into engineering I sincerely hope your math and science capabilities greatly outdo your spelling and grammar dontgetit.gif


What type of engineering, exactly? Chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, bio, etc.? I'm assuming mechanical? Most schools nowadays have courses in engineering. I suppose the place to start is what your grades are like before I go off listing schools you shouldn't be looking at...


You might also consider filling out that online princeton review form that gives you a selection of colleges based on your location/desired major/cost/admissions requirements and whatnot.


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