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The Weirdest Glitch Yet?

Dome Piece

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Haha! Made me laugh out loud. I wasn't expecting that... well I don't know what I was expecting. Oh well, nice glitch! smile.gif
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LOL!!!, I wasn't expecting it like that:


Cars crashing and I was like dozingoff.gif


Something drops from the sky and I was like cry.gif


Then I understood what happend and I was like biggrin.gif


Nice find (lucky too), have a cookie cookie.gif .

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Yeah it was rather strange. I didnt even realise when I was playing the game. I only realised when I played the video back and I then I spotted it falling from the Twilight Zone. happy.gif - Dome Piece


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That was suitably bizarre. Have you attempted to re-create the glitch?

How exactly do you propose I do that? - Dome Piece

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