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Race Tournaments Unavailable


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According to the Brady Guide, Race Tournaments become available after completing "Deconstruction" in San Fierro, and completing the driving school...which I have done. It says I am supposed to receive a phone call and after that the checkered flags will appear on my map. The only race icon I have on my map is for the Boodbowls. I have also completed the steal cars strand and purchased Wang Autos. I know that it is supposed to be behind Wang Autos, but it is not there nor on my map. Please help, screenshots would be appreciated.

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Have you completed "Yay Ka-boom boom"? That may be the triggering mission. Brady Guides is teh suxxorz.


EDIT: AJKhan posted that you need to do all the missions at Doherty Garage after buying Wang cars to start the race missions. link

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