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when i start my sa up, it crashes while loading.. i know because of a mod, but what mod? so i need people that test a car and see if their game crashes.. (MAKE BACKUPS!!!) and then they post it here , and please also post the backup, cuz i lost it...


the ;inks of the cars...:







thnx in advance smile.gif



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I'd say you didn't install them properly, most models you'll find are tested before being released.
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i used GGMM?!?!?!? that is precision....


please, could someone make backups from the:



oceanic and the picador...


and post em here?





look the error, it loads half way and then it crashes:


user posted image

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ive had that happen to me plenty of times , thats when i got smart and installed it in 2 different partitions , that way if it does it one the one im modding , i can load the unmodded one to pinpoint problems , its worth doing and it helps out alot , if its a car that is crashing , check the carmods.dat for that car . certain mods for added vehicles does crash the game .

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