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GTA SAn ANdreas 65% Savegame


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Well i couldn't do the low rider mission due to some weird camera problem (the cam rotate around the vehicule when im in one and i have to hold the Special ctrl LEFT button so it stabilize in the back of the car while driving) so i downloaded a savegame that just passed it, then i went up to 65% of clearing the game (buying the abandonned airport and playing into the casinos) but then i realised that the savegame i downloaded had been cheated a hundred times. Can anyone send me by email a savegame that is around the 65% so i dont have to start again ? I can only find beginning savegames or 100% completed. Well if not ill just restart the game and play a month until i reach the 65. Thanks anyway. http://www.gtaforums.com/html//emoticons/sneaky2.gifhttp://www.gtaforums.com/html//emoticons/sneaky2.gifhttp://www.gtaforums.com/html//emoticons/sneaky2.gif


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So what is the fun in using this savegame? What's so cool about 65% percent completion?


I personally don't see the point in a 65% save game most people would like to download 100% files, or do it themselves.


Good Luck getting people to download it confused.gif


Sorry 'bout this post apologies to you sir. smile.gif .

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Oh, sh*t sorry.


I see what you mean now. Shoudn't this be in Mission Help?


If there's anymore problems I'll be sure to help out wink.gif.

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