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help sever por


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there is a site ya can register on that will change yer dynamic ip to a static one for free

as soon as i find the link again ill edit this post and add it

but if ya want a server that is always there 24/7 the server company i use will be hostin from the uk as of monday then the ip always stays the same and its only 50p a month per player slot on a monthly basis

then ya can have as many players as ya can afford


if ya want details more details on the server just let me know


as i said ill add the link for the free dns thingy as soon as i find it


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http://www.no-ip.com/ is probably what your thinking off biggrin.gif


saying that you 'log onto the internet' and that you have a static IP, I assume you trying to host a server on a home connetion that isnt allways permanent?




All I can say is.. good luck trying to get people into your server confused.gif

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