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Has this happened to anyone else, first I get a window saying do you want winfixer to scan your syatem.

So I click Cancel or X, But then it brings up the Winfixer homepage. So I close it. Then it brings up another window asking to scan my comp. Click X or Cancel and brings a window which starts downloading Winfixer! Luckily Service Pack 2 stops it from downloading because it needs my permission. but this always happens. Ive got lots of stuff to get rid of stuff like this. But it wont go!


Can I sue these guys or something?

And has anyone else had (or have) the same problem?

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I don't want to hear jack from anyone about this one


First besure you have Ad-Aware and Spybot plus an anti-virus.

Start up in Safe Mode and let each do a full system scan, do the anti-virus last since it'll take the longest.


Once that's done, you should be clean.


Once you've started back into normal mode, Stop Using IE and get Firefox or one of the other web browsers out there. IE and it's ActiveX, along with it's security holes, is what was allowing Winfixer get nearly as far as it did.



I will admit this has to be the first time I can say that M$ did something right with SP2, but 1 out of a billion isn't good.

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