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fast 4wrdng in2 sa to get ur stats n progress back


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i rememba how ppl get the sh*ts here cos of when putting in a mod into san andreas it requires a new game to be applied to make the mod available ingame n also you have to redo all the missions n get your stats back which can be really tedious.


i was thinking, that cj sitting down mod that speeds up time while sitting down can really be a handy feature for what i want my idea to do. the time passing by speedily thing can be really handy especially for having to access all the stuff in san andreas like barber shops n clothes n tats n gym workouts n all other features crammed into the game.


it would work like a trip skip but without the fade to black thing. the way i think should work is that an icon should be added ingame in san andreas that optionally gives players, who have installed a new mod but have to start a new game to make the mod available ingame, the chance to cut to the chase n skip all the manual bullcrap you had to get thru to access all the clothes, tags, oysters, horseshoes, and missions ingame.


the icon i believe should work by that when inside clothes shops the icon would be where the counter is n that when triggered, depending on how much money you have in your hud, should make you go into a fast forward motion like as if a cutscene is set to fast fastward and you see cj going thru the motions but in a quick succession n just trying on all the clothes n taking them all while the ingame clock also speeds with the fast forward feature.


so its pretty much a fast forward cutscene style that makes you speed up the process which wouldve took long if you had to manually buy all the clothes v-e-r-y slowly, plus you have to have enuff money to buy all the clothes to make the fast forward thing to really work.


after the fastforward scene the words come up onscreen on the bottom n say "you have bought all clothes from "____". that was quick wasnt it?", indicating that you can do things quicker in san andreas this time around if you wanna get your stats n progress back without redoing all the missions so slowly again.


for missions, the fast forward icon, or FF for short, can appear along with the other big red sphere next to it that triggers a mission. optionally you can still walk over the normal red mission trigger thing that has you play the mission yourself manually that would take too long or go the the lil red icon that again FF's all the action. like it would be a cutscene except it goes fast n speeds up everything just like in the clothes shop and passes the mission for you n get a reward or respect boosted.


for the tags, after the mission where it introduces you to tagging- which i belive can be FF'd wink.gif, have the FF's be near any of the tags in los santos and as you walk over to the FF trigger, it starts the process as before with the clothes shops and in missions in fast forward, except that everytime you see cj tag grafiti with a spraycan it will show scene after scene, tag after tag, showing every tag there is in los santos, in all different locations, cut after cut, of cj tagging up turf, until all tags are finished, in FF smile.gif cool huh?


for oysters, same thing with tagging, the FF'S are near any of the oysters, swim over it to start the FF scene n you can see cj swim to every oyster, scene after scene, in every location, cut after cut, in fast forward.


and horseshoes, same thing as said above. smile.gif


gym workouts, should be a cinch.

instead of going inside n getting buff manually by doing it all again n press buttons to lift weights, which i think should be optional for those who do wanna do that, the FF's can be available outside the gym which FF's it for you by showing the cutscene of cj lifting, running, bycycling, learning new moves, all in FF.


after the gym workouts in FF you get all workouts in stamina, muscle, speed, strength, etc all in equal stats soo that way you wont be compromised for one stat or teh other as you get equal workouts for all. keep doing that until youre fully ripped n toned in fast time.


ahh man this can apply to everything in san andreas: gf's, gambling, races, driving/boating/bike/flying schools, even import export missions, maybe taxi/ambo/vigelanti/courier missions, etc


i dunno about you guys but i know it will be possible to do all that within san andreas n its too good to pass up such a cool challenge to make that mod ideal for those who have mods but dont wanna restart their game to access it. with FF you can get all that done quicker n easier.


yeh yeh i know that darkpact can make it able for those who can add their script mods easily into their game without a need for restart new games but the FF mod would be kinda cool for those who wanna check out how cj does it himself in FF mode. sumthing different you know?


so it it possible id love to know?



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bullsh*t, youre just to lazy to read and my english is fine compared to the other noobs who write in their noobish tongue.


to put in simpler short terms, i was asking that sum1 could look into maybe making an ability of being able to make sum sorta fast forwarding feature for missions where if you wanna complete it fasta you just go to the icon next to the mission trigger where that icon when triggered would trigger up a cutscene showing cj what that mission is entailed for him to do but all done in fast forward. think of that as a trip skip for missions as trip skip was for cars when failed a mission you just skip the driving parts to actually get to the actual mission.


or if that seems a bit difficult for the modders to do that, a betta ideawould be that you could make it so just after having a new game started and youre about to do your 1st mission upon reaching to your safehouse to trigger that mission, there should be a marker right in the cul de sac where if you trigger it it means all the missions, all weapon stats, max health n armour, side missions, clothes, dating, money, safe houses, and the whole state of san andreas are all completed for you with just one step towards the marker to make everything open all for you.


that seems simple enuff doesnt it? would that be a betta alternative instead of my otha idea?


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Man.....You put a lot of thought into this. So much paragraphs. I got dizzy reading that. Well, news flash. Not many people care about this forum which explains the lack of response. Let that be a lesson to you kids. Think before you type.


All this for nothing./


PS: No one wants to read all that. I might.....or not. Keep it short. rah.gif

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he wanted to know why no one said anything so I told him confused.gif it wasnt about how long the topic was it was the bad english that got me

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Christ you morons, if you don't want to read why the hell are you posting on a forum?

Yeah! You're not giving him advise like I am so why post?

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guys plsssss......


my english is good, i swear it is the clearest i can say n if you still dont know what im saying then go do a reading course. can you read that betta nowww?


look all i wanna know is: is it possible to make a marker on the cul de sac of grove st to make it so that before you do your very 1st mission, instead of doing the mission you just walk on over the marker to unlock EVERYTHING. missions, all stats, all shops, all clothes, all gf's, everything?


is that clearer now?


now, is that possible to make?


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