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Drag bike z400 fx replacing wayfarer?


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got a quick question for the modders here

i replaced a wayfarer with a dragbike in sa, but cj is sitting still like

on the wayfarer, so way too much upright. I was wondering if i could correct this with changing the handling.cfg? is there a flag to make the cj dummy sit in position x or y?

i'd like him to sit the same way as the fcr900 for example...

the bike i used was downloaded from here: http://lee.uniquetheory.com/pafiledb/pafil...ion=file&id=596


the bike was made to replace the pcj600, but since i have a few bikes replaced with mods allready, i was hoping to correct this smile.gif


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Actual animation sequences and positions are not contained in the handling.cfg file. The only data related to animations in that file are the AnimGroups, which are just the timings for certain animation sequences to be played. The actual animations seem to be stored in .ifp files which are created using a script in 3D Studio Max. The Minbikes release topic uses a custom IFP, so you could ask the author to write a tutorial about them.


I think there might be tutorials about creating custom animations in the tutorial area. I expect that they are very complicated to make, though.

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i'll request a lock from the mods..since my problem is solved smile.gif

elrayzeur was able to work his magic on this...thx to everyone for their advice & help

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You don't need to request a lock just because your question was answered, someone else may have the same problem and need to ask some of their own questions.
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