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pc intro add on san andreas


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for those who doesnt know about it , Young Maylay (CJ) redid the video intro to san andreas , it adds lyrics to the plain beat intro .


just download it and place it in the movies folder in your san andreas folder .


easiest way to find it since its kinda old is to use google and type exactly


" San Andreas Intro Video Add-On "


its well worth the download .



he also has a website ( 2 actually ) where you can listen to his other recordings , its weird hearing it because i dont picture him rapping , i picture CJ ... lol .


i figured everyone with the pc version of san andreas should check it out.


happy gaming


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here are the links to CJ i mean Young Maylay's sites







the " my space " one has the songs you can listen to , and it has the new intro song for san andreas to listen to also .



••Carl Johnson (I mean Young maylay ) can rap awesomely••




i hope i dont get in trouble for giving those links here but they deal with san andreas .

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