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Need Help Recruiting and terrortories


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Hi all...ive searched the forum but havent found anything to help recruit members for the PS2.. how do i do it? also i haven taken over any terrertories throuout the game and im on the 3rd island and pretty much completed it...ive tried to take over terrortories but on the map i placed the Territories area ON on the map and nothing has come up....help!!!


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Target a Grove member with R1, then press up on the d-pad. You are told how to do with for an early mission, and the instructions are on the back of the game manual.


"Recruit" search results


If you watch the cutscenes and pay attention, you will realize after "Green Sabre" the Gangs have been disbanded. You can't take over gang turf anymore, unless somehow Grove Street Families get back together later in the game.

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