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Wierd Meshes


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i'm having a slight problem eith the side of kitt, it seems to have this triangular effect and i don't know how to get rid of it or smooth it out.

any help i would be very greatfull

i'm using 3ds max 7


user posted image

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Lol, your car has cellulite wow.gif.


It looks like broken collision files. You made sure you had it all smoothed out in your 3dmodelling program?

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thanks simoncampbell but no luck,

what's happening is i got this kitt which is a beta from silver and is nearly finished but i'm gonna try finish it early for someone

and i'm not going to release it.

now when i try to convert the mesh on the problem part i managed to solve it but then when i

save it to dff and the reopen it in 3ds max i get that wierd mesh problem every time.

when i do fix the mesh on the roof and adjusting window's and other thing's you can see instantly the smoothness of the mesh

being very squared off like in the picture above. I think it may have somthing to do with me playing

around with the convert meshes menus or something


if any one can tell me what i'm doing wrong and correct me

i would be very great full as i can finish the car once i pass this problem


thank you in advance

user posted image

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Texture isn't big enough? You have a texture for it? Looks like texture problems to me, other than that I don't know what teh hell is wrong with it. Good Luck smile.gif.
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