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the game dont start


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hi everybody.

i cannot play gta: san andreas because when i double click oin the direct acces. it appears the window of eax advanced, ythemn, nvidia window and after that appear th typical windows xp sindows of gta_sa.exe have detected a problem and must close. i have the last drivers of my x800 pro 256 mb, the patch 1.01, a p4 3,2 ghz, 1024 ddram kingston, audiogy sound card helñp pls

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If you have any mods installed delete them now and re-install San Andreas. When you re-install you do not lose your save games. If it works then patch your game... any problems after that make sure you have the right patch for your region.


If the problem persists please post again, but I sure hope this sorts your problem smile.gif.


Good Luck!


PS: Use the edit button if you wish to edit your post. Double posting results in angry mobs etc. cry.gif.

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the problem is that its the first time i installa gta: san andreas. i bought it yesterday smile.gif.

i install the game, and in first execution, the problem occurs, i dont have any mods, i have installa the patch, i have the last version of drivers for graphic card. could be the problem in the sound card? mayube a codec i have already installed?

thanks for ur preocupation

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I had a similar problem with gta_sa.exe but it only happened after installing the patch, i had to uninstall and reload. Works fine without the patch but crashes with it.


Give it a go without the patch you might find it'll work.



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this is my first post,i specially brought sony dvd rom to play gta san andreas ,but after installing and reinstalling it several times i havent sucessed playing it,only the startup screen appears and then it disappears to file folder of gta.

i brought the other dvd ,but it is giving me the same problem,i am using p3 8xx ,60 gb hard drive,16 x dvd,nvidia riva tnt m 64 sound blaster pci direct x 9and win xp service pack 2.

please help me ,i have spend so much and it seems like for nothing.


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