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This is NOT a request. It is a mission coding discussion


I thought it would be pretty awesome if projects like Myriad that are being built and released at the same time if "when the player is within XXXX radius of a building zone that is not complete, then five or so constructions worker peds would spawn there working at the site" type of code could be written?


Also, how hard is it to have a bridge actually be built, a new piece added after every so often mission completes. Like every 2 missions a new piece is freed in the SCM to load and have construction workers on it, and then the next 2 missions are finished, boom the crew moves to the next segment.


They don't need actually work, or carry things etc, just be there and moving around while something isn't completed.


This allows for beta releases ETC and it'd be like a big "WIP" sticker that rocks!


So, I'm here to discuss the interest in such a thing, as I would certainly implement it in CodeName the Grove, which is made to be constructed over time, with many releases, sort of like myriad but still different.


What's the coder's perspective on this? I hope to have joined myriad soon with CNG on the back burner while I do a Lot there, this is why I have been thinking of not-likely-to-have-been thought up ideas to contribute more than just map parts. Thanks, and your feedback and/or voice in whether you would one day join an assembled team to create such a script is much appreciated.



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I had thought of this before, infact I once wrote a bit of a C&C type script to build buildings, its really not that hard actually.


Two ways, both would need a number of parts.


1) have lots of little bits of the building as models and at the right points in the game use:


0107: create_object, 01BC: put_object_at and 01C7: remove_object_from_mission_cleanup


2) have lots of models, each of the building at a different point of completion and then use:


03B6: replace_model which is a much more stable version (replace the LOD too - R* didn't, thats why after you complete demolition man in VC, the building looks fine till you get near it - they don't replace the LOD).


For this version you will need an initial dummy model, but thats fine, and it means you can place to object in IPLs.

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That's Pretty SMoothe Y_less, but...


No need for actual construction at all. Just the peds need to be there. They don't need hammers, and nothing needs to seem like it's actually being built. Just a group of contruction workers that chill there wink.gif

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ahhh, I just figured the model would be replaced manually tounge.gif

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Eh, it was a cool idea, probably more than it is worth. Requesting Lock.


Thanks Y_Less for discussing! The idea about the materializing bridge is a reality for Codename The Grove, so maybe you will help out with that, at that stage of the nowhere near organized enough for more details afore mentioned tc of mine. CNG will rock though.

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thats a pretty good interesting idea, its a bit like sumthing similar to how bridges in gta3 and vice city get opened up afta having them bridges eitha fixed up by keeping on playing thru the missions to pad out the time it takes to progress the game to unlock the 2nd part of the city in gta3 or making the road blocks removed in vice city by also keeping on doing missions until you progressed along to unlock the other part of the island.


i do have a lil idea tho: theres a building that would be critical to do for a mission to partake but it hasnt been built yet for example.

you progress along the game doing missions, improving your stats, raking up the cash, buying property etc in order to reach the arc where the building starts to appear and looks like a work in progress but yet still no mission marker appearing yet. soo the more you keep doing what your doing ingame with missions and stats n money, the more available will the marker will be appearing.


so its the same thing with bridges in all gta games. same principal for anything that can be unlocked and available ingame to access it be it a house, mansion, any skyscraper building, a safehouse etc.


to unlock sumthing and anything ingame there is always a requirement to pass in order to progress. e.g. bomb tha base in gta3: you must have a million in cash in order to start a mission.

gta vc: fone missions. everytime you do all missions you unlock new fone missions along the way.


but for any building or whatever to appear available in game, it shouldnt be by outta nowhere that the particular building pops up to appear right in front of you as that isnt to realistic like that.


this is a really interesting idea this topic is, id ratha hear more about it.


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